Frame Black & White Photo – Professional Guide

I’m often asked to provide ideas on how best to frame a black & white photo.
There are two standard ways of framing a black and white photo which enchance it beautifully:

1. Use a black frame and a white mount
2. Use a white frame and a black mount
Both of these options give a clean and modern finish.
Please see examples of the same black & white photo framed in either way below:
Black Frame / White Mount


White Frame / Black Mount


However, due to the varying shades of grey in a black and white photo you could consider using a silver frame as another option.

This will actually give a classier and more sophisticated finish.
As an example, here is the very same photo encased in a silver frame:

Silver Frame / White Mount


Silver Frame / Black Mount


Out of the four options I would select a white mount as it highlights the brides white dress

This photo of bride and groom is mainly black and white with less grey so my choice to frame this particular photo would be the first option Black Frame / White Mount

Another factor is the colour of the wall on which the photo will be hanging and the decor in the the room.

A silver frame would look good with stainless steel decor for example

A white frame would not stand out on a white wall.

The Silver Frame / Black Mount  would look great on a white wall.


I hope these ideas help if you have a great black & white photo you want to frame.

You can frame your black & white photo online at

Simply upload your photo, choose from portrait or landscape , select your size and mount and frame colours and your framed back & white photo will arrive ready to hand on your wall.


Scott Butterworth is a Guild Commended Framer with over 25 years photo framing experience.

He is a director of Iframe Online Ltd – a specialist photo framing company.

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