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What is the best way to choose a mount for a photo? (mount photo)

Some people will look at a photo and immediately decide upon a mount colour that goes well with the colours in the photo without thinking about the frame .

Here’s a photo of a group of friends having a drink :

Upon looking at this photo you might immediately think that a black mount would look good on this photo :

Photo of group of lads - black mount

I agree … a black mount on its own looks good !!

However , when it comes to framing the photo as well as mounting it, by choosing a black mount you straight away rule out 4 of iframeonline’s frame choices.

For example ;

Photo of group of lads - back frame black mount

Black frame doesn’t look the best !

Photo of group of lads - oak frame black mount

Oak frame doesn’t look the best !

Photo of group of lads - red frame black mount

Red frame doesn’t look the best !

Photos of group of lads - washed walnut frame black mount

Washed Walnut frame doesn’t look the best !

There’s only 2 of our frames colours that suit this mount choice properly ;

Photo of group of lads - silver frame black mount

Silver frame looks good

Photo of group of lads - gold frame black mount

Gold frame looks good !

The standard way of looking at it is that if you have a dark mount then a light frame will match well and if you have a light

mount then a dark frame will match well .

My own personal choice to mount and frame this photo would be :

Photo of group of lads - black frame white mount

This black frame and antique white mount combination is particularly in fashion at the moment .

By choosing an antique white mount it gives you the option of any of our frame colours as they will all match this neutral colour.

It also gives you the option of picking a frame to match the decor and furniture in the room where it will eventually hang it .

In summary :

Its best not to pick a mount, then choose a frame … They need to be picked together to get a great combination of colours!


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About The Author:

Scott Butterworth is a Guild Commended Framer with over 25 years photo framing experience.

He is a director of Iframe Online Ltd – a specialist photo framing company.

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