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How To Frame Photo
The usual way to choose a frame for a photo.
When considering framing a photo, most people would choose a frame that compliments the colours in their particular photo.
Let’s look at this example of a great photograph captured at a wedding:


When studying this photo my initial observation would be to choose a mount to match the Bride’s dress and a frame to match the Groom’s suit. Formatted this way we would bring out the colours in the focal point of the photo ie. the Bride and Groom.
Here is the photo framed with Iframe Online’s silver frame and antique white mount:



I personally think this looks great whilst at the same time the framework and mount colours draw your attention to the subject of the photo i.e. the Bride and Groom.

Framed in this manner automatically gives you the option to hang your finished piece practically anywhere in your home!

There is however another way to choose a frame for a photo.
If you know the position where the photo will hang in the house prior to framing it, you can then choose a frame to match the room rather than match the photo.
For example, if the photo is to be positioned above an oak sideboard, an oak frame would look great.
If the photo is to go above a white dressing table, a white frame would look great etc.


Here is the example photo framed two different ways:


Iframe Online’s walnut frame and antique white mount


Iframe Online’s light oak frame and antique white mount
In my opinion, these frames don’t quite match the actual photo as well as the silver frame.

However lets see what they look like in different rooms;


Frame Photo – Silver frame


Frame Photo – Walnut frame


In my opinion, the walnut frame seems a better choice for this room rather than the silver frame as it stands out making the photo a real feature instead of simply blending in.


Frame Photo – Silver frame


Frame Photo – Light Oak frame


Although both frames are suitable options, in my opinion the light oak frame makes the photo pop and again makes it a feature piece rather than the silver frame.
So, to conclude, choosing a frame to match the colours in the photo will always look nice …. But if you know where the photo will ultimately hang in a room, choosing a frame to match the room could look even nicer!!
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About The Author:

Scott Butterworth is a Guild Commended Framer with over 25 years photo framing experience.

He is a director of Iframe Online Ltd – a specialist photo framing company.

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