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Frame Colourful Photo  – An alternative way to frame a colourful photo As discussed in my earlier blogs, the usual way to select a frame for a photo (to look good anywhere in a house) would be to pick out a colour in the photo and choose a frame which compliments this. However, sometimes if you have a particularly colourful photo, choosing a frame to match a colour in the photo, might actually over-power the photo and draw your eye away from the photo, rather than to the photo. Here’s a colourful photo;   You could pick out the blue in the photo and frame it;   Nice!   Or you could pick out the red in the photo and frame it; Nice! These frames match the photo great and , in the right place in the house, would look fine! In my opinion, as the frames are such bold colours, they do over-power the photo a bit and draw your eye away, rather than to the photo. There is however another way to think about framing a colourful photo , which is particularly in vogue at the moment and that is to go completely the opposite way and have no colour at all in the frame i.e. white! You only need to walk past any reputable art gallery presently to see how many pieces of art are being mounted and framed in this way. The idea being that, as there is no colour at all around the artwork, the colours in the artwork actually stand out more. Here’s the same photo framed this way;     Although this doesn’t look particularly brilliant on this white background, you can see how the bright colours stand out due to the white mount and frame as no other colours are interfering with your eye. Lets see what it looks like in a room;   See how the colours stand out! This is a very clean, modern way to frame colourful photo ! Iframe Online can offer a wealth of advice if you are unsure about framing any of your photos, just phone or email and we’ll be more than happy to help. Telephone: 01492 588435 About The Author: Scott Butterworth is a Guild Commended Framer with over 25 years photo framing experience. He is a director of Iframe Online Ltd – a specialist photo framing company. Start Photo Framing    

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